Cowboy Poetry

I have never really got into Cowboy Poetry but a friend of mine gave me an old book some time ago which was full of whimsical and charming poems which thrilled me. These poems say a heck of a lot  in very few words. With this in mind I would like to invite anyone out there if you have any cowboy poems, please feel free to send them to me (in any text format) so I can share them with the rest of the western world.


Once Upon A Horse

Once upon his faithful horse
a cowboy rode the range
and hoped the country that he loved
would never never change.

Now time has passed,
but good things last-
the west is still the west-
so come with me
and you will see
a cowboy’s life is best!


The Cowboy’s Life

The Cowboy’s life
is the life for me
as soon as I can ride!
I’ll get my jeans
and boots and spurs
and wear them all with pride


I Love the West

I love the West
‘cause it’s so big that nothing there looks small;
I love the way the mountains rise
so beautiful and tall;
I love the plains and deserts, too,
and every kind of stream,
and when I fall asleep at night
the West is what I dream!


The End of the Cattle Drive

Sometimes it’s easy
and sometimes it’s hard,
sometimes you’d rather
stay home in your yard.

Sometimes it’s dusty
and sometimes there’s rain,
sometimes the cattle
 won’t climb on the train.

But sooner or later
the cattle drive ends
and the cowboys ride back
to the ranch with their friends.


Riding the Stage Coach

Back in the days
before cars or trains,
people traveled ways
across the Western plains.

They had all kind of wagons,
but nothing could approach
the excitement of riding
in an old stage coach!


Cowboy Song

Swinging in the saddle
all day long,
you can hear me sining
a cowboy song-
the same old words
and the same old tune,
about the cattle herds
and the rising moon,
and the night that’s falling
soon-too soon.


Cowgirls Are Forever (and Cowboys Too)

The West we love
will never die,
if girls and boys won’t let it,
so raise your voices
to the sky,
and say you won’t forget it!
































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